IT Managed Services: Pricing Models

At Guardian Technology Consultants, we believe that Each customer should have an IT service package designed around their needs. Not all businesses are the same or require the same level of IT support. Please contact us for a free no obligation assessment of your network and applications. Below are some of the model guidelines we use when quoting our clients IT service needs.

When deciding how much to charge for managed IT services, there are several factors that MSPs should consider. The cost of managed IT services can vary based on your company's location, size and specific products and offerings. In this article, we discuss a few common pricing models to help ensure you are asking a fair price for your IT services.

There are five common pricing models for managed IT services:

  • Per-user pricing model
  • Per-device pricing model
  • Monitoring only pricing model
  • Tiered pricing model
  • Hourly Block Time support contracts (contact us for more information)

Below, we examine the pros and cons of each of these models to provide more insight into which will work best for your business. 

Per-User Pricing Model

Most per-user pricing models charge a flat fee per end user per month and cover IT support on all user devices. While this straightforward pricing model can help cut out some of the guesswork, it has the potential to put you in charge of a lot of devices. For instance, if a user has a company desktop, a company laptop, a company smartphone and a company tablet, the flat per-user fee covers the IT support of all of these devices. 

Per-Device Pricing Model

Another option is to charge businesses per device. TechTarget describes per-device pricing in this way: "The premise is to develop a flat fee for each type of device that is supported in a customer environment. For instance, a basic per-device pricing model might designate a flat fee of $69 per desktop, $299 per server, $29 per network printer and $99 per managed network."

This model simplifies the pricing structure for your services and makes it easier to provide potential customers with a quote or estimate. 

Monitoring Only Pricing Model

A monitoring only model puts you in charge of network monitoring and alerting. According to TechTarget, "In this scenario, several different service levels can be employed. For example, an SMB-focused offering that provides operating system and software application patch management, antivirus and antispam updates, disk optimization and backup monitoring for a flat fee per month allows the MSP to bill for additional remediation activities identified through monitoring."

Tiered Pricing Model

One of the most popular pricing models among managed service providers, the tiered pricing model sells bundled packages of IT services that increase in price as more services are added. A tiered pricing model provides you and your customers the flexibility you need to implement a comprehensive managed IT services solution.

Hourly Block Pricing Model

The Hourly Model is designed for businesses that require more attention and hands on routines for IT services. We have Remote and On-call 24/7 service agreements to fit these needs. Please contact us for more information and pricing.