Legal Firms

The last thing an attorney needs to worry about is IT and issues that can take away focus and attention, leaving both clients and the firm exposed. Guardian Technology Consulting Legal IT Services Department specializes in providing Managed IT Support for Law Firms.

 Guardian Technology Consulting Services Legal IT Department, an industry-leading, world-class Managed IT Services firm, provides unparalleled knowledge in the legal industry with IT services and solutions tailored to legal professionals. When looking for an IT services company, one thing partners, office managers, and firm administrators all agree on is finding an IT company with experience in the legal industry, experience we most certainly do have. We understand the need for white glove service that is prompt, accurate, and attentive to detail, and we have a wealth of experience with the particular software programs and workflows specific to the legal industry.

Without adequate strategy and support, managing IT can be a drain on you and your staff. For our law firm clients, Guardian TCS is a trusted partner, taking full responsibility for IT management. With our team managing the firm’s IT infrastructure, attorneys bill more time, the firm benefits from increased profitability, and clients’ data is kept secure.

We have extensive experience providing support for the tools that your attorneys count on every day. Our engineers are well-versed in the software and hosted applications typically used within the legal industry, including Bill4Time, CLio,Legal Files, and Secure Cloud storage.

We understand that as a law firm, your business information is critical and time-sensitive. It is crucial to remain connected to your data. We are sensitive to the fact that you must have support when you need it, where you need it and how you need it. We provide you with competitive advantage by giving you access to critical data and applications whether in the courtroom, boardroom or on the road. We provide proactive technology management to reduce IT issues and 24/7 support, putting you in a position to provide the highest levels of service possible to your clients.

If you are interested in learning more about our IT support for law firms, contact us now to schedule a complimentary consultation